Top 10 Reasons

Why you should work with Roach Investment Services and how we differ from other Financial Advisors

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    As a Certified Financial Planner CFP® professional, we have committed to a higher standard of Integrity, Professionalism, Education, and a Code of Ethics to place our client’s interests first. As a CFP® we take a comprehensive approach towards financial planning and investing. Only 20% of Financial Advisors have the CFP® designation.

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    RIS develops individual Customized Financial Plans and creates an Action Plan to make sure our clients reach both their short and long‐term financial goals. Everybody is different and our financial planning is tailored to each person’s specific situation. One size never fit all!

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    As an Independent Investment Advisor, we have access to over 10,000 investment choices for our client portfolios. Also, we do not offer any proprietary investment products therefore eliminating a potential conflict of interest. We do not sell our own proprietary products!

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    RIS is a Fee‐Based only Investment Advisory Firm and we do not charge any commissions or loads to our clients. We believe the Fee‐Based approach puts our interest in‐line with those of our clients. We only earn more when our client investments increase in value.

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    We provide Discretionary Investment Management which means we will have the responsibility to make daily investment decisions so that our client don’t have to. We strive to make the investment process easy for our clients so that they have peace of mind knowing their investments are being professionally managed.

  • 6

    We work with a limited number of Private Clients which means more client attention and focus. We take the time to listen, understand, and know each client’s personal and financial situation so that we can provide specific advice that applies to each client’s individual needs.

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    RIS has been providing Professional Investment Advice since 1998 and will be here as your lifetime advisor. There’s no need to worry about meeting a new “advisor” who doesn’t know you every time you review your accounts and do some investment planning.

  • 8

    We help guide our clients to make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes which can help save thousands in dollars in many situations. By working closely with our client’s tax advisor, estate planning attorney, and other advisors we can make sure we are all on the same page and doing what is right for our clients.

  • 9

    RIS invests tens of thousands of dollars each year into investment research services, industry leading portfolio management software and financial planning software to make sure we are providing top notch advice and services to our clients.

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    We offer complimentary 60-minute Initial Consultations to any new potential clients. With over 20 years’ experience as a professional Investment Advisor, we are confident that within one meeting we can add value to anyone’s situation.

"Regardless of your stage in life, implementing your Financial Plan and strategically investing your assets can help ensure you reach your lifetime financial goals."

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"I appreciate the professionalism, individual attention and counsel I have received from RIS over the years. Empowering RIS with the professional management of my portfolio takes the pressure of making investment decisions off my plate and gives me peace of mind that my money is working hard for me. Working on a fee-based structure keeps RIS incentivized to grow my investments and enforces tight alignment."

— Kasey H., Silicon Valley Executive

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